Chocolate conching is not a precisely defined process and there are still elements of skill in producing a good flavoursome chocolate with the right viscosity for. The manufacture of chocolate is done through several processing stages which require maintenance of the liquid state up to the final stage – tempering (turning. The process of conching is unique to the chocolate industry and critical to the production of fine chocolate. Yet it remains an arcane mystery to.

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The temperature of the conche is controlled and varies for different types of chocolate.

With that all said, what we have found chpcolate works remarkable well for both Refining and Conching is the Spectra 11 previous known as the Alchemist’s Stone Melanger. Conching Conch comes from the Spanish word concha, which means shell.

It is a Tough Life: You’d think twice before trying it I’d bet. A small amount of moisture greatly increases viscosity of the finished chocolate so machinery is cleaned with cocoa butter instead of water.

What is Conching? | TheChocPro — The Chocolate Project

Imagine if someone offered you a roasted peach pit or apple seed. Once chocolate liquor is produced from the cacao nibs, more cocoa butter must be added back to it to produce couverture or other chocolate meant to be eaten as is.

In theory, at least, conching accomplishes this via friction. In the pasty phase more of the particles are coated with the fats from the cocoa. Chhocolate not everyone agrees that conching is required for a good-quality product.


But what does conching accomplish, that it has long been considered so vital a part of chocolate manufacturing? With modern equipment, there have been a number chocolatr conching advancements, notably high shear conches. I suggest pre-heating the bowl and rollers. I turn mine off at night, put the bowl into a pre-heated oven about F, with the oven then turned off and let it set overnight.

There are numerous designs of conches. The question is “How much?

Refining and Conching

Although the list is by no means conclusive, different things we have and failed to use as chocolate refiner are as follows: Regardless, during Conching the sharp taste of the fresh cocoa slowly disappears. Test for doneness by inserting a toothpick diagonally near the center of the brownies; if it emerges with only a few moist crumbs clinging to it, brownies are done. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Right now, to the best of my knowledge, the Melanger is it for small scale lbs.

In older equipment, conching periods can range from a few hours up to a few days or longer, and opinions on timing tend to vary widely. Refining and vs Conching Conching The process involves heating and mixing for several hours to several days the ingredients of chocolate – cocoa, cocoa butter, sugar, lecithen and and any “flavoring” such as vanilla or essential oils. More modern conches are rotary, with mixing blades that work the mass in a longitudinal motion.

Conche – Wikipedia

Round off the particulates within the chocolate through the use of friction. Allow to stand at room temperature until glaze is set. Rendering the roasted, winnowed seeds into chocolate begins with grinding them down into a paste where the fats and solids become one smooth, harmonious whole. While most conches are batch process machines, continuous flow conches separate the stages with weirs over which the product travels through separate parts of the machine.


You if want, you can go read some of the History. The early conches called longitudinal conches consisted of a granite roller that moved back and forth, pushing the chocolate in a trough.

Conching: Crucial Step in Chocolate’s Flavor and Texture?

Ice cream maker VitaMix Cuisinart Blenders many makes and models Juicers including the Champion, which is the only juicer we know of that will liquify the cocoa nibs, but still doesn’t touch sugar The oh so romantic Mortar and pestle Ball mills homemade they were just too expensive Rock tumblers with steel shot The Spectra melanger has a heavy motor that rotates a granite slab 10 lbs and two large heavy 7. Conching is probably the least understood process in modern chocolate making and consequently the most Alchemical of the processes.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Allow brownies to stand at room temperature, lightly covered, for about 20 minutes before serving.

The particles of sugar and cocoa are smoothed out in conching but not substantial reduced in size.

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